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Thunderstruck is a novel that narrates the interwoven tales of 2 men. The first one is a highly unlikely murderer named Hawley Crippen. The second one is an extremely obsessive creator of some supernatural types of communication. His name is Guglielmo Marconi. Their lives crossed path during one of the most significant criminal chases in the history of the place.

The story of this novel runs in the Edwardian London and it also extends till the wavy coasts of Cape Cod, Cornwall and Nova Scotia.  The novel brings about the dynamism of those years when the great shipping corporations competed with each other to construct the fastest and the biggest marine liners.

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The rich there have outdone one another with the showy display of money.  Against all this, Marconi races against all the significant odds and the skepticism for the sake of perfecting his very own invention. The invention here was the wireless, which actually was a prime catalyst to be used for the world’s emergence that we are familiar with today.

The Thunderstruck provides its audience with a wonderful portrait of the era of science and fog that is inhabited by magicians, inventors and the Scotland Yard detectives. They all presided over by the fun loving and amiable Edward VII just as the entire world slid toward the 1st war of the 20th century.

The Thunderstruck is basically a mystery thriller with a true crime story. The book is excellently written by Erik Larson. He is a quality writer and has got quite a few interesting books to his credit. One of the sensation one from the author is The Splendid and the Vile. Another good one to consider is In the Garden of Beasts.

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