Titan’s Son Children of Titan, Book 2

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Titan’s Son

In the previous book Rhett C. Bruno introduced Malcolm and here we meet Kale Drayton a lowlife from Titan. Throughout his life Kale has achieved nothing and he has been an insignificant being for the people of the earth and Titan.

Getting nothing from anywhere Kale tries to steal and gets caught up in a big way. Although he was expecting a heavy penalty but he was not imprisoned rather he is sent to a gas harvesting ship. For Kale it was ample because for the first time in his life he was getting a regular salary and he don’t have to steal anymore.

After a while tragedy again hit the man in a big way as he hears about his mother’s critical condition. In order to save his mother he needs heavy money and even if he works in the ship all his life he would not be able to get that sort of money.

Kale knows that he has to do something before time runs out for his mother but a legal job could not pay such a huge amount, so he signs up for something bad. A secret group of people want Kale to inject a program into his Boss’ ship in exchange of which they will take care of his mother’s medical bills.

The offer seems to be good but then just like Titan’s Legacy and Titanborn it gets dangerous. A simple ordinary being mobbing the floor never thought that he would become so much important for the whole planet within no time.

He realizes that his mother is not the only one now that he has to save, thus the stakes go higher than expectations. R.C. Bray the narrator, after achieving so much over the years receives no objections from anywhere and it is another smooth work.

Titan’s Son Titan’s Son

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