To Fire Called

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Ishmael once left everything far behind but when he returned to his homeland the adventure just called him back. Joining his friend for an extraordinary mission in In Ashes Born was a perfect starter. Wang owns the Chernyakova now and along with it, he has all the memories that the ship contains.

The captain plans for another expedition, only this time it is more dangerous and chosen by Wang himself. For some Wang takes on this mission because he wants to check his limits but the old captain has a deep-rooted plan. Toe-Holds is the next destination that is chosen by Wang as this is the place where the rules and regulations of trade cease to act. Region of free will and freedom offers many things to whoever comes in for a bargain. The problem which everyone faces is simple i.e there are no rules and the place has no boundaries.

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Going to such a place usually has one motive i.e you want to know about a secret. Ishmael has full awareness that the place is loaded with secrets and there he can find what he is looking for but he can also get lost in the process. Nathan Lowell brings out the deeply buried confidence in Ishmael in this second part. The hero does not show any reluctance to act and thus has come to his true colors this time.

Trilogy will complete at By Darkness Forged because of this Jeffrey Kafer has saved the sting in his narration for the last part of the series. Good book overall but not that attractive for children as there are a lot of emotions involved which only mature people can understand. Member Benefit

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    In Ashes Born

    Joe Ledger


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