To Green Angel Tower: Siege

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From a simple Kitchen-boy, Simon rose to the status of a magician when he was selected as an apprentice by the only wizard present in the castle. The boy never thought that he would join the world of magic, as he started to learn the art he realizes that he had that talent hidden in him.

His peer was right after all in selecting him for tutelage. The training was underway when the king died in The Dragonbone Chair resulting in chaos on the land. Simon chooses the side of the rebels in this war and the collection of the swords is the first major mission, the rest comes later.

Andrew Wincott’s voice in narration makes us feel the tension that is there in Simon’s mind regarding the situation in the land. Tad Williams takes the story to the third sword which is the sword of Memory. For centuries nobody knows about the correct location of the sword, some people think that it does not exist anymore. Simon on the other hand depends on the legend so he starts locating this third sword. With the retrieval of this third sword, Prince Josua would be able to rise against the Storm King.

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Finally, after analysis Simon thinks that he has calculated the correct location of the third sword. It seems to be good news for the rebels but there is a problem linked to it i.e a whole army of undead is protecting the sword.

The story does not get concluded in this part; To Green Angel Tower: Storm will decide the fate of Osten Ard and its future king. Till now the enemy has the upper hand in the war and the rebels are being crushed with supreme authority. Simon can see the silver lining but it is tough to transfer this attitude to the rest of the followers. Member Benefit

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