Trading in Danger

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Ky the one on which the whole story depends, always wanted to be in the army and had no interest in her family business. Luck favored her in the start and she got selected in the army but then she was expelled because of certain reasons that made her stay impossible in the institute.

On her return it is just the family business that she can opt and among all the brothers in the family her role of course would always remain the trash cleaning type. First job that her father allots her is to dispose of an old ship. For that mission she is given an experienced staff because her father does not trust her skills and her adventurous nature.

Ky makes the simple mission into an extraordinary adventure by sliding away from the right route. She talks to the crew about her plan and tells them that this step could make them earn a lot of fortune which would be good for the company. Everything once again does not go according to the plan for Ky as she lands her ship and crew in the face of danger.

Ky becomes responsible of bringing the war to her home and to her family. Though she saves herself but the family and the family business gets hit in a big way.

Cynthia Holloway has narrated this adventure fantasy’s first episode that is written by Elizabeth Moon. Narration as well as the writing is well balanced but this is just the start of the series. Marque and Reprisal and Engaging the Enemy will portray the real strength of Ky and her determination to get the job done. Ky will also needs to polish her business skills too if she wants to keep the family business going.






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    Marque and Reprisal


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