Trials of Death

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Darren Shan had a fantasy about the vampire world since he was a child, the lad wanted to know more and more about them. Tuning into a vampire was never his passion; he just got stuck in a situation out of which there was no other way. Becoming a vampire’s assistant for the sake of his friend was not easy to digest in the beginning.

Later Darren found fun and interest in the job along with a long list of friends in this new world. In the vampire world, some still doubt his potential and think that he is nothing more than an upset human freak in the vampire world. All the vampires thus force him to prove his worthiness through the ultimate trials. On average there are seventeen different circumstances during which average human beings die but if he is a vampire he will remain unharmed.

Darren is asked to make sure that he survives five of them after which he would be considered as a vampire and no allegation would be raised against him after that. Surviving the tests was not very much difficult but there are other threats like hidden enemies and conspiracies which Darren had to face. He has survived against the odds in Cirque du Freak: A Living Nightmare and Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant but this one is like a nightmare for him as he finds himself friendless.

Ralph Lister fuels up the story even more through his narration that has been stealing the show almost on all occasions. With the end of this chapter, Darren finally gets the chance to enter deep into the land of the vampires thus further parts are hoped to be with fewer humans.

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