The Vampire Prince


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All of the things end here as the vampire assistant once again fights for his life and for the life of those whom he holds dear now. Since the last episode, there has been one big trouble with him i.e he is without friends now. Some of Darren’s friends deceived him on occasions when he was not expecting it at all; others have left him because they think that they cannot help him anymore after this. The enemy that he faces now is far big than he prepared for also running away just cannot solve anything for him.

The Vampire Prince

Like Cirque du Freak: A Living Nightmare and Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant he decides to stay and face the music. Vampire Prince stands against Darren and the rest of the vampires, to get a safe passage all of them to have to get rid of him forever. If they fail the result would be the opposite which means that their names would be pasted on the graves for eternity. Vampire Mountain observes the most terrible threat ever, for an instant we think that Darren is without resources and plan but later we realize that the boy is cleverer than we think.

During the narration, one can find a shift in the attitude of the main character. In the initial stages, Ralph Lister gives Darren a meek voice as if he is scared but when he successfully executes the plan his voice dominates the Vampire Prince on most occasions. The sixth part ends a lot of struggles for the hero but the author Darren Shan appears to have much more in stock for him.


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