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The trilogy completes at this one and a real fun ride was provided by Jack Campbell to all who have listen to the fiction in the voice of Christian Rummel. The drama was going bigger and bigger in the previous chapter Ascendant and the base that was provided in Vanguard was cashed in an awesome way. The lesson “Union is strength” is well taught in this saga as the world of Glenlyon is now fully aware that their survival is only possible if they coexist otherwise all will perish.

As they help their ally for this purpose they found themselves confronting a whole new enemy that now seems to be trying to wipe them out before attacking their ally for a second time. So the human race in order to form friendship creates a new enemy for itself far bigger than it ever faced in the past. Saber the only ship left for a fight too cannot face such an assault and the game is in the hands of the hacker who are constantly trying to hack into the enemy ships so that they can get a chance to fight back.

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It is only luck that can save the colony this time because valor would not do this time against an enemy that can take down the whole galaxy if it uses its full might. Kosatka can offer the fire power that is desperately needed but it is still engaged in the internal affairs of dealing with the rebels. The rest of the population on other stars has never taken part in the fight and this time perhaps they need some spark too.     Member Benefit

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