Unravel the Dusk

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First episode of the series by Elizabeth Lim surely gathered a lot of audience; after Spin the Dawn hit the scene the fans have been going crazy for the next part. Now comes the event we all have been waiting for i.e the gowns have been prepared. Maia was able to get the laughter of the sun, Tears of the moon and the blood of the stars for the gowns but she did pay a heavy price for that.

From the inside she is not the same at all, she thinks that she is turning into a monstrous creature and the relation Bandur had a grieve effect on her mind and soul. A tragedy strikes her even more drastically when she comes back to her country and finds out that the handsome looking magician Edan is not present in the court anymore. Edan is gone for good now and for the safety of the land Maia is forced to marry the king, it is battle everywhere because now the enemy knows what the newly crowned queen has done.

Maia’s magical powers are getting out of hands this time and protecting the kingdom might become impossible for her in the future. But this is not she is worried about at present; the inner demon is troubling her the most.

We thought that in this second part we would see Maia as a more accomplished person but she lands in a pitiable pit. Kim Mai Guest gives a dejected sound to the narration and we know that though the girl is trying hard for the safety of her land but that was never her wish at all. She just wanted to prove her skills and make a name for herself in her father’s profession.




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