Verses for the Dead

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Vampire tales are always captivating no doubt especially when they are written by superb writers like Patricia Briggs. The starting is tragic when Mercy is separated from her pack and feels the true meaning of loneliness for the first time in her life as there is no one left with whom she could share her grief, sadness, and loneliness. More tragedy strikes her when she is abducted by vampires and they are not ordinary one they are the deadliest of their race.

They want to use Mercy against the alpha of three cities as he too is a werewolf. Mercy escapes dramatically but this escape creates a drama of her life in Europe as she reaches Europe not only without money but without clothes as well. Mercy unable to find Adam faces a situation where her one wrong move could start a disastrous fight between the two races of werewolves and the vampires, also her own life is at stake as well.

The story is quite thrilling like Storm Cursed, Moon Called and is written in an emotional tone. There are sudden turns and twists that no doubt serves as the key element in the development of the story. The world of demons and the world of human beings have their own appearance which was a tough job to handle but the writer has done well.

Lorelei King and George Newbern start the narration in good expression and the rest of the story is like a clear path on which they march. The whispering tone of the vampires and the howling of the werewolves are well told and written and the whole package is like one complete whole.



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