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Many mesmerizing stories are present in the libraries for the fans but Larry Correia’s series stands tall among the rest. There is something in the series which cannot be described in words rather one can feel the development while listening to it. Monster Hunter International is one of the prime creations of the author which has ruled the hearts of the fans for many years and its impact can still be felt.

Hard Magic started with real magical fights and killings, the monsters have been unleashed and Jake stands in the way of all this destruction. If Jake falls then the human world will collapse at the hands of the predator. Jake cannot afford all of this because he does not want to die at the hands of a monstrous creature. Jake is among those rare beings who know that the Power is actually a living creature that has been hiding on the earth for decades.

The magical powers that are present on earth are because of the Power and that magical being is also hiding from a monster that wants to eat him up along with the planet which is full of magic as well because of the Power. Jake cannot stop the monster on his own so he needs help and Faye Vierra is the only one who can help him in this matter.

She wants to help Jake but she has issues of her own to deal with and she cannot bring herself in the open because of those issues. Jake assures her that if she helps him then he will do everything to save her skin. Bronson Pinchot had to narrate a new character in this episode which was a new task for him and it is done in the right possible way.

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