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A disgraced knight gets a chance to restore his fortune by helping the king but this time he is more worried about his duty rather than honor. Black magic has come to the land and the cultist is planning to bring the Buried Goddess to life which would surely result in chaos for the people of the land. Only man with power i.e the king is just a body now because the cultist has taken his soul too as an ingredient in their plan.

Torsten the knight with no fame now hires a thief for the journey because only a thief can pull off a mission like this one. Whitney Fierstown one of the finest thieves in the empire is in prison because he failed in his last mission.

Torsten puts his proposal in front of Whitney with an offer he cannot resist. Though the mission is dangerous but both men can get what they desire the most if they succeed in the end. The thief can get his freedom back and the knight would be able to get his repute back. Rhett C. Bruno along with Jamie Castle loads the story with dark magic from the first part and there are one of a kind demon that can scare anyone.

Not only the narrator i.e Luke Daniels is different but this series is also quite different than Titan’s Fury and Titan’s Legacy. Nothing is similar to the Children of Titan series as it was about space voyages and tour to different planets, this one is joined to black magic. Not only this, the two heroes that we get as saviors have their own issues with the society.

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