Wielding a Red Sword

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    This is the fourth book in the series of awesome adventures. The heroes are not born in this series rather they are made after a hard toil. Many parts of this series follow the same theme of adventure but they can be treated as solo stories which are quite convenient for the fans. They don’t have to remember all the details on every occasion and going through the previous books is not really necessary for everyone as they can enjoy every book as an independent one.

    Piers Anthony portrays the character of Mym who happens to be a noble prince and wants to eliminate war from his kingdom. The thing was not easy at all and some were of the view that such a thing was impossible but the prince was determined enough to leave everything aside. He went in search of the magical Red Sword that would make him the god called Mars.

    Wielding a Red Sword

    When he got hold of the sword, he finally brought peace to the land and was able to keep his beautiful love close to him. One thing which Mym wasn’t aware of was the prince which he has to pay as Mars. Satan was actually coming for him and he has to fight the biggest demon on his own if he wants to keep the world in the same pattern.

    On a Pale Horse and Split Infinity kind of stories would have already given the audience some idea about the style of writing that Piers follows but George Guidall’s narration here explains a lot more. The narration makes it easier to understand and draw the meaning of the words a lot easier.

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