Being a Green Mother


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Stories have always been good if they have Piers Anthony’s name written on them. Piers has stories for us that are connected to things that are out of this world. Still, everything is taking place in the human world and the characters also seem to be human all the time. Here Orb is a nice example of all of this because she seems to be a human and the girl is sure that she is a human but she has a magical ability to sing in a melodious tone.

She developed that ability at the age of four and now as a young girl, she is quite skilled in her singing. First, she was moving here and there with the people who were taking care of her initially. Later she joined a band that was quite interested in her magical abilities. There is received fame and along with it, she got a nice place to live.

Being a Green Mother

That was all that Orb needed as a young girl but there is more that is linked to her and she does not want to talk about it very much. A prophecy has been haunting her since the day when she developed those magical powers.

According to that prophecy, she is going to marry the devil when she grows up and she will open the door of destruction in the human world. Barbara Caruso narrated the story in the old fancy style of hers which the fans like on most occasions. Board Stiff and Split Infinity are with magic and certain stranger things of their own. These books take the listener into a world where evil is dominating and there is only a single character that is standing in the way.


Wielding a Red Sword

For Love of Evil


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