Year’s Best Hardcore Horror: Volume 2

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Before this, the previous part was loaded with nineteen stories and this second volume comes with twenty-two more of the same kind. New names are also there in the author’s section like Tim Miller, Tim Waggoner, Jasper Bark, and Wrath James White.

This group of authors has added more horror and terror instead of mystery that was the primary focus in Year’s Best Hardcore Horror, Volume 1.  Horror stories are best portrayed when there is not a lot of slaughtering going on but still everyone in the story is worried about his or her neck. The enemy exists behind the dark veil and never makes himself clear till the ending scenes.

Many authors in the present era take the help of scenes of lawlessness in their horror stories but it is wrong. Lawless activities are connected to thrillers and thus not pure horror genre. These two volumes possess raw horror and the writers don’t try to add extra things to hide the weaknesses in their stories. No weakness exists in these short stories whether it is the storyline or presentation.

The difference that exists in the two parts of the series is the discussion of sex; here there is a lot of talk about sex which was not much apparent in the first volume. Because of this, the book is not advisable for the children, also in some stories there exists hell of a beating which can make your eyes full of tears. Joe Hempel has not altered his tone for this second volume; the narrator narrates the book in the same trendy tone.


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