4:50 from Paddington


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It all started many years ago when Agatha Christie introduced a new character name Miss Marple in The Body in the Library. That was the first time that we met this fascinating character who is determined to solve every case that is thrown at her. Some of the critics thought that the character was not fully developed because we were not told about her past or love life to a great extent but there has been no such complaint from the fans. The fans like Marple as she is presented in the story.

She is more like Sherlock Holmes who is always busy collecting clues and evidence against the bad guys. The keen observation of Marple in A Murder Is Announced helped in the capture of the criminal who thought that he could commit a crime in plain sight. For Emilia Fox, this is the second book of the series that she is narrating so she was already familiar with the character of Marple. This is a unique case that Marple is given in this story.

4:50 from Paddington

Elspeth i.e the witness in the story was on a train and when her train crossed another train, she saw a man killing a woman. There was nothing she could do at that time so she reported the case when her train stopped. No one believed her because there was no dead body found in any of the trains and no one else saw the incident either.

However, Marple had other views and she never leaves a case unattended if there is a dead body linked to it no one believes Elspeth but Marple thinks that the criminal will come to her because she is the only one who can recognize him.


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