A Death in Vienna

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Daniel Silva is one of those authors who have made a name for himself in quite a short succession. Especially this series i.e Gabriel Allon has attracted the hearts of many fans all around the world. At the beginning of the series the audience was told about the personal life of Gabriel but since then it has been a professional ride by the hero.

Gabriel never misses the targets and it is his investigation during the novel which keeps us bind to the story. The second thing which keeps us bind is the narration of John Lee which started from The English Assassin. Silva has not tried to add too much action in the series rather the author has tried to work more on suspense and mystery. These are the two key things that we observe throughout the series and surely the series is getting better in both. The visit to Vienna was like any other that was observed in The Kill Artist but the painting which Gabriel sees just freezes him on the spot.

The painting was of a man who killed his mother during the Second World War. The question is that why the painting is there and who painted it. With these questions in mind, Gabriel once again left the artwork aside for a while and started to investigate a sixty-year-old case.

Clues provide him a hint about a secret organization that has always been there, working under the shadows to achieve their private goals. Chase is not easy because soon the agent finds himself being chased by mysterious people and they are not in a friendly mood. It seems that the organization wants to eradicate him this time just like his mother.

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