A Quiet Life in the Country

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The title is surely ironical as the search for a quiet life fails when Lady Hardcastle again finds herself busy in solving another murder mystery in the countryside. The things like murder are more complex in the countryside as everyone knows one another or is linked with each other in different ways thus when it comes to suspicion everyone is suspicious in the eyes of law. T.E Kinsey has started the series in a nice way as it contains a complete description of Lady Hardcastle, her maid and the capabilities that she possesses.

The scene of London in the year 1908 is also excellently described, it seems that the writer has also spent some time in reading about the history of English culture in the era of 1908 because everything related to it is just perfect. Lady Hardcastle apparently a widow also fails to hide her true face for a long time in the rural life as she is specialized in solving murder mysteries.

She wanted to get rid of her past life as she thought that country life is much peaceful as compared to the city life but her too she finds the same everyday life in which crimes are on the rise, though the horizon is small the threats are the same.

She fails in the end to find a quiet life in the country and it seems that it is up to her to make her life quiet or peaceful by eradicating the crime from the area. Elizabeth Knowelden has narrated the story quite well especially the sound and tone that is given to Lady Hardcastle fulfills the demand of her character.        

More stories from the author In the Market for Murder, Death Around the Bend and Christmas at The Grange also have been keeping the listeners engaged till the end.



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