A Royal Pain


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    The first part surely compels the reader to get on with the second part as quickly as possible. We have seen the skill and style of Rhys Bowen in the previous part as how the writer paints the era of 1930s. This is even better because this time we get a chance to peek into the royal family much further than we hoped in the initial part.

    Lady Georgia is with a task that is impossible for her but again she cannot say no to it because the orders are directly from the Queen of England. Lady Georgia the poor aristocrat has to keep and train a princess that has lost her course completely.

    Though Georgia is with no money still she presents the drama quite well in front of the princess who appears to be more American because of her addiction for the American movies.

    A Royal Pain

    She makes the friends and neighbors pretend that they are the servants of the palace as she presents her house in form of a palace. Also Georgia has direct orders to keep a strict eye on the bad habits of the princess so that nothing goes wrong till the day she is married to the prince who too has some odd habits under his sleeve.

    The book is written in a light hearted way and there is no serious criticism on any one so it cannot be associated to anything political. Even in Her Royal Spyness we observed that there was no political issue that the author discussed and the aristocracy too was not mocked.

    The whole series is written in a lighter way and still it is interesting because the author never allows you to get bored. Katherine Kellgren carry on the good work that she started in the first chapter by adopting the accent of the era and still the narration is perfect.


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