A Thousand Splendid Suns

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Khaled Hosseini presents another well tailored book about Kabul i.e the land of his ancestors. First book full of emotions and social domination was The Kite Runner  i.e a story about two young boys. Current book is again about a family in Kabul, the author describes in detail three decades that the family spends in Afghanistan.

The changes that the family bear are extraordinary and it is their faith that keeps them going on most occasions. Novel is different as compared to the previous book in the sense that here the primary characters are women. Mariam and Laila are bonded together by fate and war, as the situation gets worse the bond between them becomes stronger.

Streets of Kabul become less safe for the women because of war and the two in this time stand up for one another.  They protect each other and provide each other the much needed love; it is their love and friendship that brings their families together. In Atossa Leoni’s voice we listen about the heart rendering scenes where the two ladies sacrifice everything for each other.

Khaled wants to convey to the listeners a very important message here, he wants to tell the people of the world that humanity and love exists in the Afghanistan still. And the Mountains Echoed is the third novel by Khaled and if someone has listened to the previous two then it is better that he goes through this as well. All the novels are about Afghanistan and its culture, plus the effects of war and terrorism on the local people of the land.

Facts and figures are all correct in these novels because these are the original observations of the author and not his assumptions.



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