The Kite Runner

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    Writing about Afghanistan is not easy for the writers all over the world because very few have visited the place. The place does not possess a high interaction with the world through media or books so its culture is also not known to many. Only a person like Khaled Hosseini could have written such a book as by birth the author is an Afghani.

    During his childhood before migrating to the United States the author used to live in Kabul with his family where he witnessed the status barrier in the land. Amir and Hassan the two boys in the story also face the same sort of circumstances. Both of them live under the same roof but their lives are totally different, Amir is the son of the owner of the house while Hassan belongs to the servant class. The two boys used to play together whenever they got the time but they weren’t allowed to sit together in the house.

    The Kite Runner

    Years passed and then Amir along with his father went to California leaving his friend in Kabul. After that the paths of the two boys shifted forever but fate had other plans for them in the future ahead. Khaled Hosseini has narrated this story on his own because there were many words in it that could not be pronounced by a foreign narrator.

    In almost all of his books like  A Thousand Splendid Suns and And the Mountains Echoed the author talks about Afghanistan and the culture of that area. Perhaps he wants to portray the true picture of the land that he witnessed in Kabul as a child. He wants the world to see Kabul through his books that’s why most of the stories in Khaled’s books are from real life.



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