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About Grace – A Novel Anthony Doerr

This is an entertaining, celebrities biographical novel. The author of this novel is Anthony Doerr. He is a wonderful author. He belongs to America. He is also the author of short stories. One of his most famous novels is All the Light We Cannot See.

He also won the Pulitzer Prize for his fiction novels. His famous Movie is The Shell Collector. Some famous books are About Grace, The Shell Collector, All the Light We Cannot See, Memory Wall, Four Seasons in Rome, Village, The Deep, Grace, The River Nemunas, and Procreate Generate. If you want to listen to his audio then do recommend listening to All the Light We Cannot See and Cloud Cuckoo Land novels. These audible are getting wonderful comments from listeners.

The narrator of this love story is George Newbern. He is an excellent narrator with a sweet voice. His clear voice is best for this narration. I cannot listen to such a narrator who involves deeply in the story and takes you in the depth of the love story. Excellent narration by George Newbern. He is one of the best narrators of love stories.

The author is the winner of one of the famous Rome Prize for his artwork. After winning many awards he has written this beautiful novel of the modern world. The story is bout the character of David Winkler, who begins his life in the Alaska city Anchorage. He is a  boy who loves snow. He knows what will happen next. Once he dreams that his daughter will sink in the flood, he was sad. He did his best in the dream but in vain. What will be happening in the novel next? Listen to this audio. It is n a good listen.

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