Alien: Covenant Origins

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The Covenant mission is the most important mission in the history of Weyland Yukari. Everyone is doing their best to make sure the Origae-6 bound ship reaches its a destination with 2,000 colonies. It’s an all-important mission both for the present generation and for the future of humanity.

However, some people are still bent on ensuring that the mission becomes an ultimate failure. While the colony ship sails on earth orbit, so many events show a dangerous conspiracy to disrupt the launch.

As chief security officer Daniel Lope is recruiting the last member of the squad, Captain Jacob Branson is rounding up preparation. They team up together to prevent the saboteurs from destroying the greatest feat they’re looking to achieve in their generation.

It’s the first book in the alien series, which also includes Alien and Alien: Covenant.  This book is filled with a lot of suspense and action right from the start to the very end. It is not really a monster story, but one filled with lots of adventures and intrigues.

If you’re a fan of the Alien stories, you will love how Author Alan Dean Foster tells the story of this engrossing novel. It’s the tale of the voyage mission of the colony. The intrigue is interesting and well written. |However, all questions were not answered in this sequel. Alan Dean represented the characters is the right way, while Tom Taylorson did an excellent narrating job. All characters are represented with their right diction. In fact, Tom Taylorson poured in a lot of emotion into the narration, which properly expressed the ordeal of the characters.

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