The Jailhouse Lawyer


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    The Jailhouse Lawyer: 2 Complete Novels

    The Jailhouse Lawyer is a suspenseful mystery thriller. It is written by James Patterson and Nancy Allen. James Patterson is a phenomenal writer and the number-one bestseller at the international level for his signature style of writing. He has come up with some exceptional novels in the mystery-thriller genre where one of his better ones is Instinct. You will also love the writer for his incredible writing in The President’s Daughter novel.

    Megan Tusing is the narrator of The Jailhouse Lawyer. She had a convincing voice and will make you believe that you are part of the story and see everything happening in it.

    The Jailhouse Lawyer

    The story of the novel is set in Erva which was a picture-perfect small town in Alabama. That was the place where the most critical and serious crimes were the delinquencies. It included shoplifting, speeding tickets, and sometimes contempt of court at worst.

    But, why the jail of the town was so crowded all the time? And, why we’re such a high number of prisoners bailed out from it? There was only one place where truth could be found regarding those incriminating secrets.

    The best education sometimes for a lawyer can only get is all about that short stretch of a hard time.

    The story is good and the twists were mind-blowing. This is exactly how a mystery thriller suspense should be. This is the story of a young lawyer. He took on the judge this time who had the agenda to destroy his hometown, but then he ended up in jail himself. This book is highly recommended for its excellent story characterization, dialogues, and top-quality narration.

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