All About Passion

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All About Passion is another fantastic addition in the Cynster novel series. The series went on to become the bestselling one for the author. Every chapter of this multi-volume series is a must listen one. The author Stephanie Laurens is an expert when it comes to the romantic fictional writing.

All About Passion is a great depiction of the skills and abilities of Stephanie as a quality writer in romance genre. The author has a rich archive of novels, which almost always are based on romantic stories. A couple of recommended novels written by the Stephanie Laurens are On A Wild Night and All About Love. These both novels are from the same Cynster series and could be enjoyed as standalone novels.

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The narration for the All About Passion novel is done by Simon Prebble. His voice for appreciated as he knows the art of producing the right tone for the right characters.

The Earl of Chillingsworth is known by the name of Gyles Rawlings. He is a person fully determined to take complete control of his destiny. When he vowed to marry a blue-blooded, charming woman, things weren’t all good or normal. He was marrying the beautiful lady for the sake of nurturing progeny.  He planned deviously to satisfy all his sinful desires with a shameless strumpet. Things weren’t destined the way he wished. He surprisingly discovered himself falling in love with the lady. This actually happened when he was standing in the altar with his very charming bride-to-be.

Stephanie Laurens managed to become the bestselling author for all the right reasons. She is literally adored by her followers for the fascinating romantic stories. Member Benefit

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