An Alliance Reforged


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    An Alliance Forged is the 6th chapter of the Sentenced to War novel series. It is a book based on science fiction and fantasy gene which is authored by the duo of J. N. Chaney and Jonathan P. Brazee. The first one is a retired US Marine turned author and the other is the bestselling novelist of science fiction novels. You will enjoy their work, especially their A Broken Alliance novel. If you like that one then you must also try their Song of Redemption novel.

    That was a new kind of war. The MDS and all their friends withdrew themselves from that CoH. For humanity, they were looking to become the center of gravity. Their main goal was to get hold of some localized wins. Moreover, they wanted to have a lot more allies and to get to their victory. They were willing to pay any cost for that.

    The alliance was very soon undone. In that situation, Rev must look to fight a tough and unwinnable war. But, there was also another known fact. It was about the Marines and they were the ones who never quit in any situation. They were also the ones who never falter and they never give up in any type of situation.

    An Alliance Reforged

    Humanity was at the brink of experiencing a critical turning point in its entire history. It will be something that will conclude in a finding that will be so reflective that it might change everything around.

    An Alliance Forged is arguably the best chapter in the entire series. The dialogues, action, and overall story are just magnificent. The fans are calling this beautiful novel the best military science fiction story of the year.

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