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Katie: Valancourt 20th Century Classics

Katie is a horror fiction novel. It is written by Michael Dowell. He was an outstanding novelist and screenwriter from the USA. He rose to fame with the screenplay of Beetlejuice which was a Tim Burton movie. In literary writing, Gilded Needles and The Elementals are two of his most loved horror fiction novels.

The audio narration of Katie is done by Kimberly M. Wetherell. It was a pitch-perfect narration by Kimberley. This is the kind of performance that everybody loves to have which is not only easy to understand but enjoyable as well.

When Philo received a letter from her rich grandfather then she rushed to rescue him. The letter said that her grandfather was fearing for his life. He accused the vicious Slape family of the matter. But, Philo was too late to the rescue.

Katie Slape was a huge girl who also had psychic powers. Moreover, she also had the power to smash heads with a hammer. She ended the life of Philo’s grandfather and took away all of his cash.


Philo was determined to track down the killers of her grandfather. She looked to hunt Katie along with her family from the streets of New York. It was the 1860s era where the coffer of Slape was filling up cash just as their basement would fill up with the dead bodies. But Philo probably had made the worst decision of her life which was to go after the Slape family. It was because there was nobody in there so far who could have escaped from the lethal hammer of Katie.

It is another fantastic fairytale-like story from Michael McDowell which could turn into an excellent Disney movie. The writing and narration were both perfect.


An Alliance Reforged

Raven Rise


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