As I Lay Dying

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It is a classic story written in a classic way which not only horrifies us but tells us a different state in which we may find ourselves in life. It was 1930 when Addie died the woman who was so important for the Bundren family and the family thus is on the way to Jefferson the place that was selected for her burial.

Though the family was grieved and in a condition that they could not define themselves the father adopts a strange thing. Each and every member of the family is allowed to say something about Addie, something they had not been able to say when she was alive and thus can now become true to her in these moments.

The scene shifts from one family member to the other and ironically the situation that was of mourning type totally shifts gear. The private responses that the dead lady gets are all odd and strange the people also who are sitting close to her are not perhaps that close to her at all.

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And she has been living with a family that had a totally different opinion about her in most of the issues. Each character in the story is narrated by a different person as there are four narrators for this book including Marc Cashman, Robertson Dean, Lorna Raver and Lina Patel.

This thing is quite helpful for the audience because we can detect without a detail that which character is narrating and what are his or her feeling.  The Sound and the Fury and Absalom, Absalom! too are quite wonderful stories if someone is further interested in the works of William Faulkner and wants to delve deeper in the themes that the author presents. Member Benefit

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