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Mike and John have separated their ways not because of any enmity but because of a purpose. Despite of their differences in many things the experienced warriors are not enemies, they cannot afford rivalry among them. Thus this separation is made so that they can search for the third ally that they had.

Trip is missing, they don’t know where he is taken to thus they had to search the whole landscape for a cause and will not rest until they are unified once again. They have seen deadly days together in Convergence and now leaving a friend is not an option they would taken even if they are presented with a chance to return. In the whole world of deception and inhumanity the three are the only friends with humanity left in them.

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Mark Tufo and John O’ Brien in this new series have taken the war from the earth to the whole universe. The zombies and the evil that once destroyed the earth are not stopping on that planet it is spreading all over killing the inhabitants that are present throughout the universe. Mike and John the two not willing to lay down arms still gives them a tough time wherever and whenever the meet on the battle ground.

The warriors fight without hope but grudge is there that increase with every friend that goes down in the fight. Sentimental and high pitched voice of Sean Runnette goes on with the series and it would be ideal that the series ends in his voice. A change at this point would destroy not only the image but the impact of the sound quality that the narrator has been providing. Member Benefit

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