Backyard Starship


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    Backyard Starship is the opening novel in the Backyard Starship novel series. It is written by J.N. Chaney and co-authored by Terry Maggert. They both make an excellent pair as authors of some of the most gripping science fiction and fantasy novels that you will come across in a long time. Anvil Dark is another novel that these two genius authors wrote so brilliantly. From their Sunkiller series, the Sunkiller: Legacy novel is also a reasonably good novel from the duo.

    The audio narration of the Backyard Starship novel series is done by Jeffrey Kafer. He is one of the best narrators that we have today and his performance in this audio novel had a great accent and lots of vocal variations.

    When Van Tudor made a return back to his native home then he inherited a lot more than just a family farm.

    Van’s grandfather told him several amazing stories about monsters and spacemen, galactic knights, and princesses. Van had very little idea that the stories of his grandfather were a lot more than just fiction. Those were all real.

    Backyard Starship

    Hidden well below the old farm was the legacy of Van waiting. It was a starship that was not part of this world. With the combat AI of Van, which was an Android device known as Perry, he took his initial steps to get into the broader galaxy. In no time, he was able to find out that the space was a lot more dangerous and busier than he could have ever imagined.

    This is an amazing start to a new series. This is one of the best collaborations of J.N. Chaney and Terry Maggert as authors.

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