Red Bounty


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    Red Bounty is the second chapter of the Backyard Starship novel series. This is a work of science fiction and fantasy. The book is written by the amazing duo of J. N. Chaney and Terry Maggert. If you like science fiction then they both have got a buffet of sensational novels and one of them is Anvil Dark. Moreover, they also did a good job with their Worlds Apart novel.

    The narration of the Red Bounty audio novel is done by Jeffrey Kafer. He has impressed a great range of audio novel followers with his many inspiring performances. You will find Jeffrey at his very best in this novel as well.

    Van moved ahead in life and left the old one behind. But, there are a few things that remained the same.

    Red Bounty

    Even the space was not free from crimes. After securing a job as the Peacemaker to discover the missing fuel Perry came across something a lot more sinister than committing a casual theft. It was a voice that cried out in a hearth of intense flame and heat. That particular finding revealed a long series of extremely spiteful acts.

    After following all of the leads right across the stars in the known galaxy, Perry, Van, and Torina found that the elite was taking a lot more than only fuel.

    They were into stealing lives. It will take a lot of money for justice to prevail. Van had his task cut out while the land of Torina must also be restored.

    The first half of this book will make you laugh out loud and the next one will keep you at the edge of your seat.

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