Albrek’s Tomb


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    Albrek’s Tomb is the 3rd installment of the Adventures Wanted novel series. The entire series is getting more and more interesting and adventurous with every new chapter. This is all due to the brilliant writing of M. L. Forman. Further, the narrator E. B. Stevens made it even more interesting with his powerful voice and some really apt expression for the characters he played in this novel.

    L. Forman is a fine writer especially for the teens and preteens. His books are fabulous and popular among other age groups as well. The most prominent and worth mentioning other novels from the author are The Axe of Sundering and The Horn of Moran.

    Some 2000 years ago, Alberk, a dwarf went on looking for the novice mines right in the land of Thraxon. He was there with the hope of becoming rich, but he got vanished in between. The dwarves now should find the magical ring of Albrek before their mines could run out or become dry.

    Albrek's Tomb

    This was a possibility that actually threatens the livelihood of the complete team of dwarves. Alexander becomes part of a familiar company of adventurers, who were on a mission to find that what has actually happened to Albrek. They also needed to find the mythical tomb and then also to locate that where the lost talisman has gone. But, on the other end, finding out the might be the least of the problems that the adventurers were facing once they crossed ways with the ancient Bane. He was the one who warned them of some great evil working in all of the lands that were actually known

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