The Girl Who Lived


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    Christopher Greyson who is actually the best-selling author and story writer of the Wall Street Journal has given the best out of both worlds where the reality and the imagination bring out all the truths behind the events. The author has brought the most intense emotions, twisting turns and surprising mysteries in a way that people won’t be able to predict until they have reached the end of the story.

    With the compelling words and storyline, the narrator Amy McFadden gave life to the characters and their emotions so that you will be feeling all the effects when you are listening to the story by yourself.

    The story is about what happened 10 years ago. It is about a tragic event where the family of the girl named Faith was brutally murdered including her sisters and she never knew why the four people were murdered.

    The Girl Who Lived

    She has now been living a life of a ruined person who is drunk, forgotten and totally dispersed in her thoughts.

    She is considered to be a psychopath and made a girl and a lost girl who describes herself as the only girl surviving her family when all others were killed in a merciless way.

    But the question in her mind won’t let her stop any matter if people kept her calling as a girl who is not in her senses, Faith carries on her search and reaches her hometown to discover what happened to her family 10 years ago. The motives behind that tragic event and the mystery of the murdered who she wants to know about and take revenge for ruining her life.

    Just like the Author’s other books Girl Jacked and And Then She Was Gone the fight between good and the bad and the light as well as the dark forces leading the way out of the extraordinary would keep you listening to the story till its end.


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