The Secret Child


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    A DI Amy Winter Thriller, Book 2

    The secret child is the novel that actually hits you in your imagination to bring in many thoughts about the kidnapper, the mother and the helping hands that will be involved in solving the mystery and to fulfill the adventure that is pursued in this whole story.

    The novel is a part of the series A DI Amy Winter Thriller and is actually the Book 2 in this series that gives the readers and listeners of the story an encounter between the mother Nicole and the kidnapper who is considered to be Luka Volkov who has died years ago.

    But something different has been there and the mother has been waiting for such a happening because she knew it will happen because of the circumstances where they have lived.

    The Secret Child

    The author Caroline Mitchell has created an impressive story just as done in the other novels in the series. In the other books by this author which include Truth and Lies and Don’t Turn Around you can see that you will never be leaving the story in the middle and will always be compelled to listen till the end.

    The drama, the trill, mystery and the horrifying details are beautifully depicted and described in a very expressive manner by the narrator or the story which is  Elizabeth Knowelden who has given life to the happening in this novel and others in this series too.

    Now, in this book, you will see how the mother decides to fight back her greatest enemies and fears and the DI army will be finding a  way out to get the kidnapped children back to their home.

    To experience the chilling adventures and unexpected happenings you can listen to the other books in the series as well that bring all the imaginative characters to life so that you can experience the feelings and emotions with all the depth inside.


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