Batman: Nightwalker

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The character of Batman is the backbone of D.C comics, the legendary figure is also known as the Dark knight gathers the whole team against evil. Marie Lu’s name appears in the author’s place in this second book about the D.C heroes. The first book was about Wonder Woman in which her secret land finally faces war. Batman is the next one on the list in the series which is bound to gain fame. Bruce is presented as an eighteen years old lad here who after the accidental death of his parents has inherited the whole property of his forefathers. Showing the billionaire attitude is also part of Bruce’s personality which lands him in Arkham Asylum for some community service.

First, it looks that all of it happened suddenly and later we realize that Bruce planned all of it to reach the Nightwalkers. In Legend and Prodigy, the author was free to experiment with the characters. Herewith the character of the Batman Marie Lu didn’t possess a lot of options. The story can be changed all the time but one cannot bring variation in the character of the Dark knight.

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Will Damron keeps the serious tone while narrating the main hero and the rest of the characters are handled according to the choice of the narrator. Some have received a slow dialogue delivery style and some of the characters utter quick words. The ending of the book was the time when Gotham needed a sacrifice from Batman and he was ready like always. He didn’t hesitate for even a single moment in putting his life on the line to save the citizens of Gotham. Member Benefit

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