Big Vamp on Campus

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Big Vamp on Campus has a good share of its audiobook success to its narrator, Amanda Ronconi. For all her super efforts in many other novels and especially this one, she deserves a special mention right at the start. The Big Vamp on Campus is written by Molly Harper, who also finds Amanda Ronconi as the most talented narrator to trust with.

The novel is a fantasy romantic fiction, which is also the 12th volume of the half-Moon Hollow novel series. The author Molly Harper has vast experience in literary writing and she has always proved her worth with many quality novels on fiction. Where the Wild Things Bite and A Few Pecans Short of a Pie are novels written by Molly Harper and are worth having a go at.

In this paranormal romantic comedy, a vampire princess is expected to learn the trick of navigating life as a college going student. She had to deal with her annoying, messy and extremely infuriating new roommate.

The 400 year old vampire, Ophelia Lambert all of a sudden finds herself housebroken by humans and was forced to deal with the indignities of communal bathrooms, dorm rooms and also a roommate having sticky fingers.

Ophelia now also has a lot more to learn than just about the “undead” studies. She need to learn in order to get along with her new vampire classmates and even worst, her human ones. She needed to do all this along with her effort to get back into the well graces of the World Council for the Equal Treatment of the Undead. Will she be able to balance out between her campus life and classes with romance?

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