Blaze-Dark in You

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Life has been terrible for Harper but after getting selected as a mate by the Prime her life changed altogether. Dangers came to her from all sides but she had a mighty protector that saved her by using his full strength.

After all that, she does not live in the small lair anymore that was her home in Burn , she lives in co-prime now i.e a lair in the United Sates which is quite bigger and well protected. Last time when Harper was kidnapped, Knox became really worried for her and that’s why he has now become over careful in her case.

He never allows her to go anywhere without him because he cares for her more than his life. But when a demon gets rogue enough to kill Knox, Harper decides to return the favor to her beloved mate. Harper here tries to save Knox, though the Prime thinks that one demon cannot kill him but he is actually miscalculating.

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The relation of the two lovers has brought the demon world upside down and everyone thinks that there is chance for him to rise. Suzanne Wright makes life more difficult for the two love birds; they weren’t expecting that much enmity from all sides after their relation.

Author in Ashes might show us the true devilish powers of the Prime because there were certain hints about it in the first part. Cat Doucette narrates love scene quickly in the second installment because things are going toward a big war and for romance there is no time left. All the fans can hope here is that the two lovers get out of all this in one piece.



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