Blonde Faith

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    Writing can never get better as much as what we see from Walter Mosley. He is a genius in literary writing domain and has proved his worth once again with this beautiful novel, Blonde Faith. The novel is an exclusive mystery thriller with lots of things that you expect from a mystery novel, especially, the thrill, adventure and sometimes, suspense as well. Michael Boatman has done the narration of this novel in his beautiful signature style.

    Easy Rawlins had earned the reputation as the most reluctant detective of Los Angeles. He comes home one day and found Easter, the daughter of Christmas Black, who is his friend. Her daughter was left ling at his doorstep. Easy knows that this probably means that Christmas Black, the ex-marine is dead, or she will be soon.

    Blonde Faith

    But this appearance of Easter is just a beginning to a series of things to happen. The love of Easy is going to marry another man and Mouse, his folk is suspect in the killing of a father of a dozen kids. Two mysterious MPs hired him for the sake of locating his friend Christmas Black and that too on behalf of U.S. Army.

    The investigation carried by Easy Rawlins takes him to Faith Laneer, a blonde woman. She had a very dark past and very secretive as well. Easy soon find out that the disappearance of Black is linked with Vietnam and life of Faith is in danger as well.

    Cinnamon Kiss and Little Green novels are great in their own specific way, which are also written by Walter Mosley. Both are part of the Easy Rawlins mystery novel series and all these collectively makes a great read and a listening experience for the book lovers.







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