Blue Adept


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If you think like things like alternate existence and the parallel universe don’t exist then this book will be difficult for you to understand. This series is for those who like fantasy things and are ready to delve into any kind of world that the author creates. Basically, those people with a bit rational approach that keeps searching for facts cannot understand the theme of such a series. Only an imaginative mind can be helpful in order to understand the series. Stile is living in two different worlds at the same time.

Blue Adept

On Proton, he is taking part in the Great Games to claim the right to exist in that world. While on Phase, he is learning magic which he knew nothing about in his previous life. So he is struggling in both worlds and his trip to both worlds can end very soon. Piers Anthony has not given the primary character a chance to run away in this series. Traber Burns has also improved much in narration as compared to Split Infinity because now the narrator knows more about Stile.

The man was expecting challenges in both worlds but he wasn’t aware that he would be asked to win the love of Lady Blue. This is one skill that he does not possess and perhaps it is more difficult than fighting a dragon. He must make sure that no one remains successful in killing him during this time. If he gets killed then everything will be lost and there would be no one to stop the enemy in both worlds. He still has to get to the root of the matter that why the higher authorities want to see him dead.


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