The Brodsky Affair Audiobook

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The Brodsky Affair

The story is Ken Fry’s thriller no doubt with high drama all the way as we enter into this world full of mystery and suspicion as well. The story is a murder mystery that is so well knit that as a reader or listener we cannot skip even a fragment of it because if we do we will fail to understand the story as a whole and that is what makes the story a classical thriller as it possesses the entire basic elements that are needed for a tale that is about a murder. Every aspect is given proper space and no exaggeration is done still the story is appealing to the listener. Because of all its brilliance, the novel was a runner-up in a novel writing competition in the UK. The narrator Stephen Holloway has also narrated the story in a stressed tone that was the demand of the situation.

The story is about two art dealers whose names are Jack Manton and Tamsin Greene. The two main characters find themselves hot targets for assassination when they go for a hunt of a Russian painting that possesses a high stature in the art field. Their enemy is also a Russian who has an interest in antique items because of their worth in terms of money and not for art’s sake. He wants to have the painting or whatever the two art dealer find on their expedition for the sake of money only.   

The two art dealers are constantly chased by an agent hired by Berezin and remain under the rope throughout the story. The story further becomes more complex when the story travels from one country to the other or from one continent to the other with the indulgence of the Interpol in the case of robbery and murder. The story is full of deceit as our main character moves further in his research for the lost art relic. You may also listen to The Lazarus Succession for more interesting story turns.


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