But What If We’re Wrong?


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But What If We’re Wrong? is a literature & fiction book. It is authored by Chuck Klosterman. He is an American essayist and writer of fiction and nonfiction books. You will find his literary work focused mainly on American pop culture.

The audio narration of the subject title is done by Chuck Klosterman and Fiona Hardingham. This turned out to be a poor performance as the narrator doesn’t have a suitable voice to deliver the content of this book. The British accent Fiona was problematic for this audio title. Chuck only narrated at the start for a few minutes.

This book visualizes the contemporary world just as it will appear to those who would see it as a distant past. The author asked various questions which were insightful in their simplicity.

But What If We're Wrong?

How good are we with the understanding of time? What will be the memory of rock music after 500 years? How seriously we should consider the things in our dreams? How seriously we all should be with the content shown on TV? Will all sports of the world today be destined for extinction? Will it be a possibility that the greatest ever artists of our era are unknown or disrespected currently? Could it be a possibility to overrate our democratic system? Have we reached the point where knowledge ends? These are some really exciting questions that this book addresses and kudos to Cuck Klosterman for making it so much interesting and insightful for the audience.

This is more of a philosophical book with some concepts and then in the latter part, it became a book about art and music critique. The narrator for this book was unbelievably terrible.



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