Change of Heart

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Mesmerizing story of change in the way of thinking and attitude of two persons forms the base of the novel. June Nealon the woman with an ideal life suddenly loses everything, and things that she was once blessed with were not there anymore. Life becomes a living hell for the lady who has been living in a paradise her whole life and now she has one option which is worse than death for her.

The second character is the man June and her daughter hates the most, they don’t want to see his face at any cost. Ironically however their ill fate leaves them on the mercy of this single person who too wants salvation before his death.

Shay Bourne the one who has wasted his life throughout now finally wants to do something positive with it. Claire the daughter of June is the only hurdle in his way because both of them have a troubled history together that cannot be erased from the scene now.

Jodi Picoult again presents the woman who is left with limited number of choices in her life and her ill fate forces her to lay down arms in front of the enemy. The longish list of narrators reminds us about A Spark of Light and Small Great Things and other books of the author. There are always so many characters because of which several narrators are needed for the job. In this novel too we listen to the voices of Jim Frangione, Nicole Poole, Jennifer Ikeda and Danielle Ferland. Change of hearts is a must have item for those who face mental stress and tensions in the present world. The book presents a way to restart life and although it is not easy but the solution is presented in an optimistic way.

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