The Sagan Diary


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    Jane Sagan is a known character in the series since she was introduced thoroughly in the third part.  It was because of her the old man John Perry started seeing the bright side of life once again. The established a colony along with their adopted daughter and started a nice little sentimental patch in their life till they were called back to the interstellar stuff. These all things are related to her life after retirement that we see in The Last Colony but the writer never told us about her youth or her missions.

    The Sagan Diary

    We don’t know how she was at the initial stages of her career and how she ended up in the fight zone in the first place. This part by John Scalzi reveals several hidden facts related to Sagan’s life. She was not just a soldier as we saw her in the trilogy she was something more, she was a lover and on top of that a dreamer i.e a visionary. The novel is depicted in a kind of monologue as Sagan is not telling things related to her life to anyone. She just thinks of different events, remembers several old friends and missions that she has performed in her life.

    The Sagan Diary

    Sagan also tells us about her times finally as what were things like when she was young and the human race was not facing such a tragedy of extinction. The series has finally given importance and detailed description to a woman, this thing was surely lacking throughout. John Scalzi has done the narration himself this time along with Stephanie Wolfe which shows writer’s concern about this part of the series.

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