Chateau of Secrets: A Novel

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Melanie Dobson impressed all with her first award winning performance Catching the Wind in which the author told us about the days when the Nazis were like devils in Germany. Now the novel brings us to a different part of the world but the issues resemble to the previous one. Story is about a woman who worked for the resistance in France and she along with her family had a big Chateau that was actually a hide out for the fighters. No one knew about the tunnels that lie under the Chateau and now when the granddaughter comes back to this old family home she uncovers those secrets that could still get her caught into troubles.

Gisèle Duchant was a lady who did a tremendous work for France, in the days of war against Hitler’s army. She provided shelter to the fighters and when the German soldiers came to her house she was able to act awesomely and did well to keep the French fighters safe in the tunnels. The German soldiers never got a hint that their enemies were right under the floor on which they were walking.

Duchant even put her life and the life of the child on the line and kept the secret safe with her. Story again goes back and forth in past and present like the previous novel and also has the historic flavor of the Hitler’s era. There is also another thing common i.e the narrator Nancy Peterson who has narrated this one too like Memories of Glass. Nancy has given it a voice that brings the whole picture to life, the listener can feel the German soldiers moving in front of him.

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    Catching the Wind

    Memories of Glass


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