Cold Heart Creek


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    The personal life of Josie always shifts her focus from her duty but she prefers her duty over family which shows how serious she is professional. A park ranger was strolling in the park in his usual routine in the opening scene as he came close to two dead bodies. The dead bodies were recognized as Valerie and Tyler Yates i.e a couple that has come to the park for a sleepover. During their supper, they ate something which poisoned them and they died while sleeping.

    Cold Heart Creek

    That was the apparent story which the police made and the Josie spotted a pendant necklace in the throat of the girl. It becomes clear that someone had killed the two for some special reason. As the investigation moved on another sleeping bag comes into the view of the investigating party. Josie thinks that it could be the sleeping bag of the killer who was with the couple and then he got rid of them during sleep. After following the tracks the crew is led to the house of a girl who too is badly injured and cannot explain what happened that night.

    On the second visit in the morning that injured girl is also found dead again with a pendant in her throat. Breathe Your Last and Find Her Alive: A Gripping Crime Thriller Packed with Mystery and Suspense type of thrill can be sniffed from a mile in the novel. Lisa Regan does not only engage the listener but she also gives them what they desire from the story in the stylish voice of Kate Handford. Killing with the help of a pendant instead of a gun or dagger was unique in this novel as it shows the doings of a psychopath.

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