Wrath of the Dragon King


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    Wrath of the Dragon King is another good addition into the Dragonwatch Series. It is the 2nd chapter of the saga and was highly anticipated for the grand success of the first novel. The author Brandon Mull does it brilliantly with his writing, which is always done keeping his younger listeners, rather kids in mind. A few other quality novels from the author for younger audience are Master of the Phantom Isle and Fablehaven, Book 2.

    The narration of the Wrath of the Dragon King novel is done by Kirby Heyborne. That looked like an obvious choice after her performance in its prequel, which was successful and highly appreciated by the listeners and critics.

    Wrath of the Dragon King

    The dragons in this novel have declared a clear cut war on the humans. Two out of the 7 available sanctuaries of dragons have fallen already. Will the next turn be of Wyrmroost?

    After suffering a humiliating defeats from Seth and Kendra, Celebrant, the King of Dragons is all set to unleash his anger and get full control over the native preserve. The dark unicorn, Ronodin who is equipped with full information from a new friend finds Celebrant looking for a legendary talisman, which is the dominion stone.

    However, the resourceful dominion stone is protected well by the cursed castle. Can both Seth and Kendra foil the plan of Celebrant and also beat him completely to his prize? Will it be possible for the 2 young caretakers to provide good enough support? This is the support from the Wyrmroost creatures against the most significant threat that the magical community has ever faced. One thing is for sure here that the dragons are extremely wicked and smart. It was a tough ask for Seth, Kendra and their allies.

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