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The story tells us a bit about fate, that we cannot control. Joe Ledger series continues as Jonathan Maberry these times presents Joe in a do or die situation. The man is forced to complete a task that he didn’t like. Joe plans the best when it comes to planning for the success of a mission but for killing someone planning is not the right thing for him. it does not mean that he do not kill people but he plans for the protection and safety of the innocent.

Second thing that Joe hates is the force that make you work according to its own will and you are not give any sort of space to do the things according to your own wish or the way you like it to be done. We know Joe’s skills as they can be seen in novels like Deep Silence and Nights of the Living Dead, he can fight anyone whether he is a human being or a zombie.

Joe Ledger at the start of the novel is found working with the Homeland task force that is working for promotion and a most awaited one this time but for it the task should be completed. The collection of events is nicely settled and the suspense also does not take too long for its revelation.

The novel has quite heart tendering moments and an emotional tone as well. Everything is dealt with extreme care by the narrator Ray Porter who has provided a separate voice for each and every character present in the novel so that an element of individuality can be felt and this thing also make it easy for the listeners to recognize the characters at the time of conversation.




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    Dead of Night


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