Craven Manor

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Craven Manor is another gem of a novel written by Darcy Coates. Again, she impresses audience with another brilliant haunted story of a haunted house or a manor this time. Will Damron is the chosen narrator for Craven Manor novel and his tonal quality absolutely goes perfect with the demand of characters in a horror setting.

The character of Daniel introduced in the start of this novel is desperate to get a job. When someone pushed in a note under the door with the job of a groundkeeper at some old estate, then all this apparently looked too good to be true.

He reached Craven Manor and soon then the alarm bells started to ring continuously. The front door of the mansion opened up on its own and then there were leaves and also the cobwebs that was covering the marble foyer. It was obvious for Daniel that nobody has lived in that mansion for a good long time.

But, soon Daniel finds out that there is an envelope for him inside the doorway. It had some money and promises a lot more than just that.

Daniel is extremely desperate and decided to move into the cottage allocated for groundskeeper right behind the mansion. It was all in contrary to his better judgement and things started to change for him.

Horror seems to be an easy thing for author, Darcy Coates, when it comes to crafting the best storylines. The author is followed by many audience for her intriguing novels and if you are looking for more by the author, then her novels, The Haunting of Blackwood House and The Haunting of Ashburn House should be checked out with their audio versions.



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