Dark Descendant

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Dark Descendant (Nikki Glass #1) – Jenna Black

The story is a nice start to a series that promises paranormal activities in abundance in the coming chapters as well. Jenna Black creates a female character Nikki who first appears to be working as a private eye for her livelihood but there is something that is revealed to her soon after the main story kicks i.e she is not an ordinary human being that can die, she possesses godly powers as she is immortal. It is after her confrontation with her client who proves to be the descendant of Hades she comes to know that she cannot die at all and thus she has some other duties lying on her shoulders all the time.

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She also possesses her relation with Artemis and soon she finds descendants of other gods as well who have different powers like one of Eros descendants use sex as a weapon other is blessed with the tricks of Loki another one who thinks that it could play the role of a great spy. The book thus starts the clash between the gods once again. There are several other books of the same category by the same author that can be read along with this book, like  The Choice (Doms of Her Life: Heavenly Rising Series, #1) – Shayla Black, Jenna Jacob, Isabella LaPearl, The Edge of Dominance (The Doms of Her Life #4) – Shayla Black , Jenna Jacob, these all are fantasies of the first rank with a description of the character with godly powers engaged in epic battles.

The current story also ends with an epic battle between the Descendents and the Olympians. Nikki proves to be the one with the deciding role as she could forge a divine weapon that could help her group in winning the final battle. The narrator of the book is Sophie Eastlake, the rise and fall of the voice at the right time is awesome to listen.


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