Pushing Brilliance


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    Kyle Achilles has always fought from the right side and the CIA is the only department he has sworn to remain loyal to all his life. In this second part most of the people in the department think that the brilliant agent has gone rogue. There are killers after the agent and he don’t know why they are after him and whom they are working for.

    It is Dick Hill again who narrates this second episode of the series by Tim Tigner. The expectations of the fans were sky high after the first part and this one has not broken their hearts at all. In the first part Chasing Ivan at least knew whom he was chasing though he was like a ghost but the focus was on a single person. Here Kyle is chasing more than one ghost at the same time moreover his own department is on his tale. Katya the Russian is his partner or the only one who can help him because she too is wanted for the same murder and whoever is chasing Kyle wants her dead too.

    Pushing Brilliance

    The company is not pleasant but both are without options and have run out of resources. Just a single murder engages the two in a mission which first seems to be about their lives and then it becomes global. A secret society wants to destroy both super powers in a single blow. The conspiracy is far more sensitive than the two expected and thus their mission becomes more precious than their lives. Concrete plot and tuned with action the novel can take you on a tour you never experienced before.

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